Here at Towne Center Animal Hospital, we have always taken pride in keeping a very clean facility, even before the outbreak of COVID-19.  With this new coronavirus, we are taking even further measures to keep everyone safe.

Safety Measures

Since our opening, our policy has been to clean and disinfect examination rooms after every patient. Now, we are also cleaning regularly handled items, such as door knobs, chairs, credit card terminals, etc. We are also working to keep everyone as distanced as we best can, and for the safety of our staff and clients, our staff will begin using face masks and gloves as a preventative measure.

We usually use a bleach alternative to clean and disinfect, but with limited supplies all across Central Florida, we are utilizing all our cleaning products. If you are allergic to bleach, or are sensitive to bleach, please alert our staff so we may re-disinfect a room with an alternative before you enter the exam room. 

These measures could possibly add waiting time to your visit, which we apologize for in advance and ask for patience. In an effort to combat this, we are trying to space out our appointment times to one appointment every 45 minutes to an hour. This will help reduce the amount of people waiting in the lobby at one time as well.

Parking Lot Appointments

In addition, we are also offering “parking lot” services. If you choose to wait in your vehicle during your pet’s appointment and speak to Dr. Z over the phone regarding diagnostic or treatment options, then our staff is willing to offer this “parking lot” service. If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is, please exercise this option!

First, please call the front office and alert them that you are in the parking lot. 

Next, a staff member will greet you at your vehicle, go over initial estimate(s) and bring your pet inside for his or her appointment.

Lastly, we will bring your pet back to your vehicle and you may wait for Dr. Z’s call regarding diagnostics or test results.

Depending on the severity of the result, you may receive a phone call during the next business day. If your pet may need more diagnostics, we will keep your pet inside with us until you’ve discussed everything with Dr. Z over the phone. 

Unless absolutely necessary, Dr. Z will remain in the building at all times and will not accompany you to your vehicle. At any time, you may come inside and accompany your pet if there is an exam room available. However, if there is not an exam room available, you will be asked to continue waiting in your vehicle until a staff member can bring your pet to you. All payments for services will be made over the phone for our parking lot appointments.

Walk-Ins and Business Hours

Lastly, we always accept and welcome walk-in appointments.  However, during this outbreak, please understand that we are trying our best to reduce contact and contamination. Please call before arriving as a walk-in as we may have a high risk individual in the facility at the time.

Our hours will remain the same until further notice.

The safety of our clients and our staff is our priority, as only then can we provide optimal care for our loved pets. We are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of our community. Let us know if you have any other questions about these necessary changes in protocol.